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How We Work


We’re not a software company
We build things to improve people’s quality of life

Beauty + Honesty + Fun + Craft + Details = make a great product
We put heart and passion into everything we do because we love our work

We aren’t building rote applications
We are cultivating your future

Our goal is to help increase value with your company
We are solving real unmet needs, not just supplying a service


Don’t be afraid to start from scratch
Trust us, we may redefine your company

We’ve been groomed in a world where technology is always changing
A pen and paper is always state of the art

We know what models work

Technology is a tool to accomplish something great
We are platform agnostic

We don’t create a production team with people we don’t know
This gives you Quality, Value, and Flexibility

Culture is King
We help companies build relationships with their customers and employees


There is always a hidden cost of gratis
Good, Fast, Cheap; Pick Two

Proposals aren’t free, consultations & conversations are
We love talking about ideas, future, and brainstorming with clients

We don’t write briefs for you
We will shepherd you through the process to help you see the unseen

We’re an investment in your company
We leave you better than we found you