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Ozo - Making Of

We designed and built out the website for Ozomatli, a band originally from LA with a cult like following. They hired us to give them a completely new web presence and system for managing the different type of content. This is a making of that project, with design studies and different designs that were explored.

We released their presence in different phases that coincided with the release of their album. This was the first stage of that process. We worked closely with the TopSpin team to develop an online store that enabled direct to fan purchasing and marketing of their new album.

After this was launched we dug into building and designing there full website. These are some design explorations that we made. Illustrations were done in house and design mockups were created for presentation.

The tree motif was explored because of their album concept and the general affect of the band.

Other design ideas included a flag motif.

We then started going a little bit cleaner and focusing more on the functionality of the website.

This is where we eventually landed, something a little gritty, but still clean and usable.