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Ozomatli is a well seasoned band, with a world wide audience. Their music spans genres and cultures. When we were tasked with a full redesign of their web presence we were excited to get deeply involved in the overall brand of Ozomatli.

We worked closely with the marketing and sales group at Topspin media to develop an initial product offering before the site would launch. The full site launch was to be launched on the release date of album.

After doing a comprehensive distillation of what components would be a part of each release we started down the path of designing a band website. Band websites are notoriously over designed and disposable after an initial album release. We worked closely without the Ozo team to create something lasting in terms of function as well as form.

The prevailing concept of a band web site should be to aggregate their content from across the web and curate that content. We took that approach in terms of integrating Flickr, twitter, facebook, and tour dates. A certain percentage of site is auto aggregating while a lesser percentage is actually curated and published via a CMS at the band and management for which they have easy access to.

Design elements are earthy and specific go Ozo, without being album specific. See our process for design in the (making of) here.